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Learn more about what a Reiki Session involves and how Kay Wilson empowers you with energy techniques and practices to better work with your energy and well being.


Reiki Healing helps your energy realign itself, clear blocks and revitalise its natural flow.

What is Reiki Healing?

Our bodies are energy centres, each with their own limitless flow of natural energy. But sometimes the strength of the flow, or the smoothness of it may be weakened or blocked due to an emotional or subconscious reaction we have had to an experience in our daily lives. Reiki Healing seeks to help your body realign its energy centres, clear any blocks and revitalise the natural flow of your energy, helping you feel energised, focused and relaxed.

How it works

Reiki Healing is done fully clothed, it can be done lying down, seated or standing, it is up to you. It is hands on healing, which means that hands are placed lightly on areas of your body for varying periods of time. The areas of the groin and breast area are always untouched.

How it feels

The sensations experienced in Reiki vary widely from person to person, some people experience sensations of heat, tingling, or movement of energy around their body. Other people simply enjoy a sense of deep relaxation and peace. It is an individual experience.

What Reiki Healing can offer:

  • Reduces stressanxiety and panic attacks - Regular Reiki treatments can relieve the burden of heavy stress and anxiety by supporting a peaceful state of mind, helping you regain perspective and maintain a positive mindset and sense of balance. 
  • Relieves headaches, migraines and sciatica - It can help to relieve pain from migraines, arthritis, sciatica ~ just to name a few. It also helps with symptoms of asthma, chronic fatigue, menopausal symptoms, and insomnia.
  • Assists recovery from injury and illness - It can assist recovery from surgery or long-term illness by helping an adjustment to medicine/treatment.
  • Supports grief or loss related stress- Reiki helps in the grieving process offering relief during emotional distress and sorrow.
  • Inner peace - It can be valuable tool in the quest for spiritual growth bringing about inner peace and harmony.

0468 642 879


Reiki in Queenscliff
77 Queenscliff Rd,
Queenscliff, NSW, 2096

Reiki in the CBD
Sydney Health Centre
88 Pitt Street, Level 4, CBD, NSW 2000

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Kay Wilson

Kay Wilson is a Reiki Practitioner dedicated to helping you on your journey to physical wellbeing. Kay has worked across the spectrum of healthcare, from corporate Reiki clients, to patients in and out of hospital, including young babies in intensive care, to the elderly at home. She is passionate about energetic health and peace of mind and is always developing techniques to help you integrate mindful and energetic living into everyday life. Kay previously trained in yoga therapy and crystal dreaming and she draws on these practices by using crystals as part of the Reiki treatment, to assist energy movement around your body. She also offers yogic based practices to help you integrate mindful approaches to every day living.

  • Kay is a Reiki Practitioner of the Frans Steine International House of Reiki, of the Usui Mikao lineage.
  • Kay is a qualified Yoga Therapist and teacher, from the Ghosh Yoga School in Kolkata and the Universal Yoga Centre in Arambol, Goa.
  • Kay is also a qualified Crystal Dreaming Practitioner.

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Reiki in the CBD

Sydney Health Centre
88 Pitt Street, Level 4, Sydney
NSW 2000
M: 0468 642 879



Reiki in Queenscliff

77 Queenscliff Rd,
NSW, 2096
M: 0468 642 879



Reiki in Manly

3 Market Place,
NSW, 2095
M: 0468 642 879


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Give your loved ones a window of time just for them, filled with peace, energetic healing and deep relaxation. 

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